1855 Colton Map of Michigan showing Cheboygan County

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What We Collect

The History Center of Cheboygan County collects materials documenting the history of Cheboygan County. Our current collection includes nearly 10,000 artifacts, and more than 4,000 images that represent more than 150 years of Cheboygan County's rich and fascinating history.

Our collecting activity focuses on several areas of cultural heritage.
 The list below describes the principal areas of our collection.

Our Scope of Collections Statement and Collecting Plan
(This is the official Statement, the summary is below.)

Photographs, drawings, paintings and postcards that include scenes of the cities, towns, and villages of Cheboygan County. Photographs or prints of locations and people from Cheboygan County.

Any items used on the waters of the County--lakes, rivers, and streams.

Locally-made or worn uniforms from the armed services.

Locally made or worn items of clothing worn by local celebrities or pieces that represent particular fashions or eras.

Social History
Anything that relates to the homes of county residents, including quilts, dishware and other household and domestic items.

Items that relate to any business that was carried on within Cheboygan County.

If you have an object that you might consider donating to our collections,
please use the form below to tell us about it.