1855 Colton Map of Michigan showing Cheboygan County

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Ellis Olson Research Library

 Portrait of Ellis OlsonThe result of all of the research and resource gathering over the past 45 years is in held in our reference library that is dedicated in honor of Elllis Olson.  Ellis is a retired Cheboygan County schoolteacher and former mayor who has dedicated his life to gathering and preserving the history of Cheboygan County. Ellis is also a co-founder of the Historical Society of Cheboygan County.     

Olson Reference Library Logo

For the past two years we have been cataloging the resources in our library and they are avilable through our Online Public Access Catalog.  We are adding to the catalog weekly, so if you do not find what you are looking for, check back or call us.


As we explore the history of Cheboygan County, we gather many resources that will enable you to discover the rich and fascinating stories that make Cheboygan County so interesting.  We are comitted to sharing our resources with researchers and casual visitors alike.