1855 Colton Map of Michigan showing Cheboygan County

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Restricted Entry Portals

You will need a password to enter these portals.
If you do not remember yours or need one, please contact the Executive Director.


Volunteer Portal

Image of the word training over bits of paper with other words.This is the portal to the training resources for the Society's volunteers.  Behind this door we have placed training materials to assist our volunteers in their various jobs here at the History Center.

You must click the word ENTER after typing your password.



Board Member Portal

A gavel on a carved round wooden block.

This is the portal to the Historical Society's Board Member Only materials.

You must click the word ENTER after typing your password.



History Center Webmail

Yellow Enter key on the corner of a keybosrd.


If you have a History Center email address, you may check your mail by clicking the login image to be redirected to the BlueHost Logo email login page, or click here.