1855 Colton Map of Michigan showing Cheboygan County

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  • This page describes the legal organization of the Historical Society its current officers and provides links to its Three year Strategis Plan

  • This guide to access provides information about accessibility for visitors with disabilities who visit our museum campus. We are striving to provide information in alternate formats where possible. Please contact us with your comments or suggestions for improving accessibility.

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  • The History Center of Cheboygan County's Antique Appraisal Day

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  • This page features images of the late 19th century log cabin that was a part of that area called Indian Village or Colonial Point on Burt Lake. It was this village that was "burned out" in a dispute over the payment or non-payment of property taxes.

  • This page describes the collectiing activity of the History Center, has a link to our Scope of Collection statement, and tells visitors how they can donate objects to the museum.

  • This page provides the information visitors need to contact the History Center whether it be telephone, postal mail or email

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  • History Center of Cheboygan County Events

  • This is a landing page that provided links to other pages that describe Spies Heritage Hall, the 1880s Sheriff's Residence, the 1912 jail and a Native American log cabin.

  • This page answers some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Although the History Center has some genealogical materials in our reseach materials, we do not specialize in that area. This page is a landing page that directs the visitor to the website of The Cheboygan County Geneological Society.

  • This page provides information about group tours to the History Center.

  • We have a small but quality selection of book at the museum--some by local authors. Whether you need a book for yourself or a gift for someone else consider the gift of history.

  • The home page of The Cheboygan County History Center where we collect, preserve, and present the history of this Northen Michigan county.

  • This page provided information about our hours of operation and our admission rates.

  • This page provides information about the availability of images from our photograph collection, our image use policy and reprint fees.

  • This page contains a description of the historic 1912 county hail that is attached to the sheriffs residence.

  • Become a member of the Historical Society. This page describes levels of membership and the benefits of each level.

  • Our research library is dedicated to Ellis Olson, a former school teacher and mayor of Cheboygan who has dedicated his life to the gathering and preservation of the history of Cheboygan County.

  • This page provides information about area msuems that are within a 50 to 70 mile radius of the History Center

  • This page provides drivings directions for people coming from both the north and south of Cheboygan. It also provided a map linked to Googls maps for printing driving instructions.

  • This page is intended for media contacts. It provides background information about the History Center by way of Fast Facts.

  • This is a landing page that provides information on membership and membership benefits.

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  • This page contains the privacy policy of The Historical Society of Cheboygan County Inc.

  • This page offers museum patrons the ability to register for events or programs which require pre-registrations.

  • Visitors to the museum's website can submit research requests from this page. In most instances the services are provided free of charge.

  • Thisi is a landing page providing links to pages which describe our research center services.

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  • This page provides information about school tours of children both from Cheboygan County and outside of Cheboygan County.

  • Museum online visitors can search our online pubic access catalog (OPAC) which is a catalog of our books, reference books, and research materials.

  • The Shanty Boys are Cheboygan's premier vintage baseball club!

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  • This page contains information about the historic 1880 county sheriff's residence and attached jail. It contains images of the turn of the century period settings in this historic house

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  • This page describes the exhibits in our main exhibit hall--Spies Heritage Hall

  • This is a landing page that provided links to our bookstore, to a page to purchase tickets, and to register for events or programs.

  • Occasionally the History Center offers programs that require a ticket for attendance. This page provides a convenient way to purchase a ticket

  • Membership in the Historical Society becomes your passport to benefits at a variety of historic sites across the United States through the Time Travelers program.

  • This page is a tutorial on using our OPAC--Online Public Access Catalog.

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  • Volunteer opportunities abound at the History Center. This page provide links to the volunteer position descriptions, our volunteer application, and the volunteer login page.